Our Story

My name is Matt Uhrich, President and CEO of Alert Innovations LLC, the maker of the One Drop Alarm

Many inventors get their ideas from pains they’ve experienced. In my case, I came up with the idea for the One Drop Alarm, after replacing the garbage disposal underneath my kitchen sink. Unknown to me, the disposal began to leak. Apparently it had worked loose.  By the time the leak was discovered, there was substantial water damage.  Because the insurance company considered a slow leak  a “reoccurring leak” the damage was not covered by my homeowner’s policy.

I searched online for a water alarm and found many different brands, but none of these water alarms would have helped me because they all relied on a substantial amount of water to work and I had experienced a slow drip. I needed an alarm that could detect water after the first drop, but nothing of this sort existed on the market.

This was the birth of the One Drop Alarm: – an alarm that doesn’t require a substantial amount of water to flow to the device in order to trigger it. I have developed a product for those who want to be notified the second that they have a water leak

To view an article about myself and our Water Alarm follow the link. If you have any questions, please use the form on the Contact Us page.

Thank you,
Matt Uhrich