Q. How do I trim the sensor mat to accommodate my needs?
A. First, take the measurements of the area where you want to place the sensor mat. Use those measurements to determine the final size of the sensor mat. The sensor mat can be trimmed easily with a pair of scissors. When trimming the sensor mat, it’s important that you try to stay in between any two lines, as illustrated by the dashed line in the diagram below. Please view our VIDEO section to see a demonstration of how the sensor mat is trimmed.
Trimmed Cropped


Q. Where can I purchase the One Drop Alarm?
A. You can purchase from Amazon. Just follow the link below.

Q.How many drops of water does it take to prevent a disaster?
A. Only one using the One Drop Alarm!

Q. What if I still have more questions?
A. Feel free to use our Contact Us Form and we’ll promptly respond to you message.