Water Alarm

What can a water leak detector do for you?

Introducing the One Drop Alarm, a water leak alarm designed to save you thousands of dollars from water leak damage. You work hard for you money and you deserve peace of mind knowing that you are protecting one of your largest investments; your home. Every day, hundreds of homeowners file a claim with their insurance company because of water damage. The average residential water damage claim is more than $7000 and statistics show that 98% of all homes will have a water leak of some type within their lifetime. Most water leaks come in two fashions, either a slow water leak or a sudden burst water leak and many times a sudden burst begins as a slow leak. Often times a slow leak, which is also the major cause of mold damage, will not be covered by your insurance company because it is considered a “reoccurring” water leak.

Finally, now there is a water leak detector that can detect slow water leaks as well as sudden burst style water leaks; the One Drop Alarm. The One Drop Alarm uses patented technology that can detect as little as one, single drop of water. Please review the video for a quick demonstration on how the One Drop Alarm water leak detector works and see for yourself what our water leak detector can do for you.

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